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Wear Resistance And Toughness Of Cemented Carbide Tool Materials Difficult To Balance
Jun 01, 2016

Although the endless variety of new tool materials in recent years, but a long time in the future, continue to be widely used in cutting cemented carbide tools, you need to research and development of new materials technologies to further improve the cutting performance of cemented carbide cutting tools. Due to the wear resistance and toughness of cemented carbide cutting tools is not easy to balance, so users can only be processed according to specific objects and processing conditions selected in many grades of cemented carbide tool material, the selection and management of cemented carbide tool to bring a lot of inconvenience. To further improve the integrated cutting performance of cemented carbide tool materials, current research focuses include: grain refinement through refined grains of hard phase of intergranular surface area, increasing the hard phase, increasing grain force, strength and wear resistance of cemented carbide cutting tools can be improved. When it was sub-micron WC grain size decreases, material hardness, toughness, strength, wear resistance can be increased for complete densification temperature can also be reduced. General carbide grain size 3--5 μ m, fine grain cemented carbide grain size for 1--1.5 µ m (micron), ultra fine grain carbide grain size up to 0.5 μ m (sub micron and nano). Ultra fine grain carbide compared to ordinary carbide with the same composition, hardness can be increased by more than 2HRA, improves 600--800MPa bending strength.