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Sustainable Development Of Green Cutting Technology
Jun 01, 2016

Green cutting processing technology get all national of attention, green cutting as green manufacturing of key technology one of, main refers to in ecological big environment and processing site small environment are no negative role (or negative role is small) of situation Xia, in processing process in the produced of few "waste" (exhaust, and waste and waste) in chain end can recycling or natural degradation, reached no pollution-of environmental requirements, on people and environment no against of cutting technology. Scholars did a lot of research work, cutting cooling lubrication techniques, such as minimal quantity lubrication, atomizing Jet cooling, liquid cooling and lubrication technology of lubrication technology, low temperature cooling, liquid cooling dry cutting technology of dry electrostatic cooling technique. The aim is to achieve the cutting technology of cooling and lubrication little or no pollution. Due to the minimal quantity lubrication lubricant in the form 10~50 μ m droplets, and jet stream-driven into the cutting area, compared to traditional cutting fluid have better penetration, more easily in the tool and chip between the lubrication film, cutting temperature and tool life and improved surface quality.