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Problems Of Tool
Jun 01, 2016

Cutting cannot be optimized. Operators fail to address the different cutting materials to be reasonable choices. Mainly because the operator dominated by students, and relative lack of experience, in terms of choice of cutting, experience choice cutting is not optimized, resulting in lower cutting efficiency. Different materials and different types of knives, cutting process variable selection is not reasonable. Tool consumes too much. Practice facility on the brand choice of tool is not fixed, the constantly changing brands, tool consumption is too large, so as to increase the input to the tool. Heat treated parts of different materials, cannot give full play to the tools the best cutting performance, serious tool consumption. Processing result is not satisfactory. In actual operation, coarse and fine cars is often done by a tool, machining precision is high, it is difficult to meet the process requirements. Quality of parts processing of faces is not ideal, would like to have good solution, or there are better options on the tool material.