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Performance Optimization Of Tool Manufacturers Keen To Enhance The Cutting Tool Material
Jun 01, 2016

In metal-cutting machining, heat generated by friction and is a form of energy. By the very high surface loading and chip moved speed skating along the tool rake face and the heat generated by friction, the tool is in a very challenging environment. Cutting force tend to fluctuate, depending on the different processing conditions (such as the rigid component exists in the material, or for interrupted cutting). Therefore, in order to maintain its strength at high temperature cutting requires tool has some basic features, including excellent toughness, wear resistance and hardness. By 1-5 μ m range change the granularity of the tungsten carbide tool manufacturers can change the matrix properties of cemented carbide tools. Substrate particle size for cutting performance and tool life plays an important role. Size is smaller, the better the wear resistance of the cutting tool. Conversely, greater the granularity, the strength and toughness of the tools as possible. Fine-grained matrix is mainly used for processing aerospace grade materials (such as titanium alloys, Inconel and other high temperature alloy) of the blade.