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Melamine Tableware You Can Radiate
Jun 01, 2016

Just bought melamine tableware, add vinegar to the boiling water and cook for two or three minutes, or vinegar soak for two hours at room temperature, keep harmful substances released, cooking utensils, remember to pour out the water. To use a soft cloth when cleaning in melamine tableware, and scouring, scouring powder easy to scrape the table surface, more susceptible to contamination, it is best not used. Meals for your safety, when purchasing cutlery, go to a regular store and supermarket, try to choose quality melamine tableware; plates deformation phenomena; do not use brightly coloured melamine tableware for children, especially in the printing, you should try to choose brightly colored melamine tableware. Qualified melamine tableware in the refrigerator can also be cooked in boiling water, and high security. When you use melamine tableware, try not to hold for a long time the acid, oil and basic foods; don't put oil more food in melamine tableware used in microwave, preventing the release of toxic substances.