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Melamine Tableware How To Identify Toxic
Jun 01, 2016

Most of the plastic cutlery on the market today, the raw materials used are polyethylene and polypropylene. Both nontoxic plastic is approved by State health departments, like household goods candy boxes and trays, bowls of cold water bottles, and used in baby bottles and other items, all made of plastic. But there will always be some irresponsible manufacturers, willing to take risks in order to reduce the cost by molecular structure similar to that of PVC and polyethylene materials, producing harmful plastic tableware. Poly Vinyl record will cause people to suffer from liver Hemangioma, so when you buy a plastic, must figure out its production of raw materials is what if there is no manual, can you identify by. Like safe polyethylene and polypropylene plastic tableware, feels very smooth, and fire of inflammable, will have a yellow flame and the smell of paraffin; if it is PVC material, you will have a sticky feel, fire resistant and burning and shown green flame, the nose smells. Try to choose no decorative motifs and the colorless, odorless plastic utensils, so as to avoid excessive heavy metals such as lead, picks the product.