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Flying Scissors
Apr 11, 2017

The Flying Scissors is a 2009 mockumentary that follows eight entrants in the a fictional National Rock Paper Scissors League (NRPSL) Championship. The film focuses on the quirky but relateable characters and their desire to balance the nuances of everyday life with the dreams of becoming a champion.

Jonah Tulis directed; he also co-wrote the script with Blake J. Harris.


The Flying Scissors is a mockumentary about the world of competitive “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” The film delves into the lives and daily routines of a wide array of quirky characters who vie to be the best at this unorthodox sport. Each competitor must balance the nuances of their everyday life in hopes of becoming a champion.

The film uses Rock Paper Scissors to satire the current state of professional sports and the modern success of poker.