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Endless New Cutting Tool Material
Jun 01, 2016

Hard alloy developed by Schroter in 1926 was the first. After decades of development, the hardness of cemented carbide tool has reached 98--93HRA at 1000 ℃ high temperature still has good red hardness, its durability is dozens of times of high speed steel cutting tools. Cemented carbide is made of WC, TiC, TaC, NbC, VC and other refractory metal carbide and as a binder for iron group metals by powder metallurgy method are made. Compared with the high speed steel, it has high hardness, wear resistance and hot hardness; compared with superhard materials, it has high toughness. Because carbide has good overall performance, it has been widely used in the cutting tool industry, at present over 90% car knife, 55% per cent of the milling cutter with carbide material. Although the endless variety of new tool materials in recent years, but a long time in the future, continue to be widely used in cutting cemented carbide tools, you need to research and development of new materials technologies to further improve the cutting performance of cemented carbide cutting tools.