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CNC Tool Grinding Of "self-reliance"
Jun 01, 2016

CNC tool grinding processing plants should be considered, for many reasons, including CNC tool grinding can produce high quality, long-life tool, with high flexibility and controllability of technology, as well as savings. Is not part of the plant's core competence in tool grinding, grinding in order to confirm the factory is reasonable, must be carefully analysed. Processing plants must be able to specify a full-time operator machine. CNC tool grinding training of operators is not difficult, but he must have the operation about five years experience of CNC machine tools. In addition, the operator must also have a good tool processing knowledge. Plants can be based on financial reasons such as flexibility and is equipped with a CNC grinding machine is reasonable. From a financial perspective, using standard tools of processing plants each year in terms of cutting tool Regrinding takes at least $ 200,000. However, using non-standard tool or the frequent changing of processing plants, equipped with internal grinding facilities, so you can quickly regrind the tool.

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