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Ceramic Knife Is The Most Obvious Characteristics Of Super Strong Antibacterial
Jul 06, 2016

 Care of pregnant women and baby healthy pregnant women, fetuses and infants and young children gastrointestinal fragile, poor body resistance, when fed fruit, vegetables and meat should try to avoid contact with bacteria, so as not to cause discomfort. Middia ceramic knife with the advantage of its unique material, fully dense materials firing and, without the generation of pore, special non-metallic effectively resist bacteria, in the cut food process to protect pregnant women and baby food is not contaminated, take care of the baby's healthy growth. It is the best choice for pregnant women and infants after weaning the cooking knife is the best choice.

Steel knife: Steel knife residue of minced meat (meat is acidic food) and kitchen knives occurred corrosion steel knife, a breeding ground for bacteria provide a favorable environment.

Ceramic knife: ceramic knives of high density, no gap, not sticky bacteria and foreign matter, but will not become bacteria hotbed of, food processing special clean and sanitary. Ceramic knife antibacterial function is super, very suitable for eating food can be eaten directly.