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Widely used in continuous development of coated cemented carbide tool materials
Jun 01, 2016

Silicon nitride ceramic composite is based on nature's richest in Silicon as the main raw material, its filtered well after grinding of silicon nitride powder made of silicon nitride (Si3N4) powder, then put into a graphite mold with other additives, then filled with nitrogen gas in the hot-pressing sintering furnace, pressure: 200~250 kg/cm, temperature: sintering under 1810~1820℃ conditions. Its main features are: high hardness, good wear resistance, hardness can reach 93~94HRA; heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and can be up to 1200~1300℃. Chemical reaction of silicon nitride and carbon and metal elements is small, low friction coefficient. Practice for cutting steel, copper, aluminum non-stick dust, difficult to produce BUE, so as to improve the machining quality of parts. Silicon nitride ceramic greatest feature is capable of high speed turning, turning of grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, malleable cast iron and other materials the effect more visible, cutting speed can be increased to 500~600m/min, as long as the machine conditions allow, can also improve cutting speed.