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Tool industry structure needs to break thought
Jun 01, 2016

Annual tool sales of 14.5 billion yuan in China, the proportion of carbide tool under 25%. we need not only have the ability to make tools, you also need to have in the process of applying the tool to the actual production capacity, in order to really have a solid theoretical and practical basis, in order to have their intellectual property. In recent years, although China's hardware industry has no small development, but far behind the development of the machine tool industry. According to the data, China's current annual tool sales of 14.5 billion yuan, proportion of cemented carbide tool is less than 25%, not only far removed from tool products in the international market structure, domestic manufacturing cannot meet the growing demand for cemented carbide tool. At present, the cutter structural imbalances is the production of tools and needs no road. For example: users need carbide tools gap is very big, but HSS overproduction; modern manufacturing need efficient tools gap is large, but low quality standard tools of overproduction. International mould and metal and plastic industry suppliers Association Secretary-General, from machinery and manufacturing technology development trends, high proportion of CNC machine tools in factories in China in the future will increase year by year, efficient and advanced tools will be a rapid increase in demand, while the traditional standard tool needed to decreasing.