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Teach you how to choose formal melamine Dinnerware
Jun 01, 2016

First of all, we start from the source, making bad business, consumers can't get to, which is the national administration to investigate. But there is certainly a careless slip through, scourge of the industry. Consumers have to do is through formal channels to obtain tableware, such as supermarkets, shopping stores, the whole is the most effective measure to avoid buying inferior products, large store cases of fake or substandard is equivalent to small supermarkets, small markets much. Secondly, when we buy, to look closely at the table surface, see if the surface is smooth, flat, there is no difference, is deformed in appearance, and so, if the above phenomenon, we do not recommend that you buy. Also if my friends beautiful and delicate patterns on dishes, we recommend you take the paper towel, gently back and forth to clean the table surface, color on the paper towels, which had faded, and depends on the clarity of the pattern, of course there are bleaching and fuzzy-patterned tableware is not worth buying.