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Presents two important development trend of 21st century tool material
Jun 01, 2016

Reviewing the history of development of machining, can be seen cutting tool material plays a significant role in promoting development. Tool material development in the early 21st century there will be two important trends. A is carbide tool application range continues to expanded, and carbon nitride titanium Base carbide (metal ceramic), and Super fine particles carbide, and gradient structure carbide and the carbide and high-speed steel two species powder composite of material, will instead of quite part high-speed steel tool, including bit, and State milling knife, and taps, simple general tool and gear hob, and pulled knife, precision complex tool, high-speed steel tool of proportion further reduced. In this way, dominated in the cemented carbide tool materials, covering most areas of conventional machining. Second is the use of superhard cutting tool material will significantly increase, CBN due to height, good chemical stability, small thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity, will become the high speed machining of ferrous metals, difficult to machine materials as well as the main tool for dry cutting, hard cutting material. With the further improvement of its toughness, it will share in cutting tool has greatly improved.