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Melamine tableware historic origin
Jun 01, 2016

According to expert Ma Zhanfeng, China plastics processing industry association, said: melamine tableware is harmless to the human body of the base material. Completely safe to use. Because in the synthesis of melamine base materials, processing temperature of 145-165 degrees Celsius, 25 to 35 MPA pressure and curing time of 10-15 seconds. Under high temperature and high pressure, processing chemical Jiao Lie when responses, and finally rendered insoluble in water. After this production process of melamine tableware is safe and nontoxic. As long as they are qualified, Melamine tableware, completely harmless to the human body. Is melamine tableware of nontoxic, breakage, corrosion characteristics, but also by global consumers love. Melamine was commonly used in the world, humans use melamine tableware had more than 50 years, every day billions of people worldwide in the use of melamine resin utensils, safety withstood the test of history, and cheap has been generally welcomed by consumers around the world. Japanese began in 1960 using melamine Dinnerware. To the rapid expansion of 1967 for an annual output of 80,000 tons of production, at that time was all the rage.