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Cutting tool industry development in China has two distinct advantages
Jun 01, 2016

Tool of Chinese enterprises and advanced cross-cutter than from the funds, technology, equipment and management level, there is a big gap and can't seem to find any advantage. But I think there are at least two major advantages are valuable conditions for development of China tool industry. It is that natural and human resources. Unfortunately, both of these resources are not being very good use of and grasp, lose a lot of opportunities. Resources of tool materials in China, my tool of sales, was less than the global 6% tool sales, the huge contrast is shocking. Our tool product added value too low. In terms of human resources, China tool industry for decades to develop a good quality workforce. While under the influence of China's industrial base level, knowledge of some old, needs to be updated and improved. However, this step is not hard to catch up. Many foreign companies tools to recruit a large number of personnel from China, after training are able to quickly adapt to the modern tools of production, marketing and service, superb performance, proves the ability of the team. But due to the standard tool companies have long produced the same products, development potential and potential of this team have been wasted, and it is a great pity.