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Course of development of cutting tool materials reflecting the history of machining technology
Jun 01, 2016

Material, structure and geometry is to determine the cutting performance of the three elements, properties of tool material plays a crucial role. International society for production engineering (CIRP) pointed out in a research report: "due to the improvement of tool material that allows cutting speeds are almost 1 time every 10 years." Tool material from early 20th century high speed steel, carbide evolved into high-performance ceramics, super-hard materials, heat-resistant temperature has been raised to 1200 500--600 ℃ ℃ above, allow the cutting speeds of over 1000m/min, keep cutting production rates at the 100-year period increased more than 100 times. So it can be said that development of tool material actually reflects the history of machining technology. Although the endless variety of new tool materials in recent years, but a long time in the future, continue to be widely used in cutting cemented carbide tools, you need to research and development of new materials technologies to further improve the cutting performance of cemented carbide cutting tools.