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Ceramic Knives Advantages
Jan 04, 2019
Sushi Knife For Kitchen

The ceramic knives are made of high-purity and ultra-fine zirconia, which are manufactured by spray granulation, isostatic pressing and precision machining. They have high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, good chemical stability and high wear resistance. The appearance is exquisite and exquisite, and the cutting edge is extremely sharp. It is a knife that never wears and never corrodes in the true sense.

The ceramic knives are all hand-polished, and each face is evenly curved inward, thus maximally ensuring the strength of the ceramic knives while ensuring smoothness during cutting. The hand-polished blade and knife face are uniform and the finish is extremely high and easy to clean. Ceramic knives are a very popular green product in the world today. They have the reputation of “noble knife” in developed countries. Compared with traditional steel knives, the ceramic knives are more advanced in production technology. Their soft color, always sharp edges and humanized hand design will make your mood in the kitchen happy and cheerful.