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About cemented carbide industry into tungsten key to change
Jun 01, 2016

Recently, tungsten light volume in the market, the reasons are as follows: normal mining, mining, raw materials supply continued to grow; second, the macroeconomic causes and raw materials demand, long-term balance between supply and demand, oversupply. From the long term, as China's industrialization, informationalization and urbanization process accelerated, steel, automotive, mining, information technology, transportation and energy-based industries such as steady growth in demand for high-performance cemented carbide, particularly of sophisticated weapons and equipment and infrastructure-building in the future development, will push demand for high technology content and high quality of cemented carbide products, tungsten provides a good opportunity for development. Prospective industrial 2015-2020 promulgated by the Institute of Chinese tungsten smelting industry market strategic planning and investment analysis report, 2009-2013, tungsten production at 60,000 tons, while demand was less than 40,000 tonnes, supply was greater than demand.